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Libra Technical Center, LLC is an independent analytical, testing, and development laboratory business. We provide compendial, official, proprietary, new, and unique methods of sample and process analysis.

The product and process development group uses appropriate techniques for sensory evaluation: texture, flavor, color development, and other technologies to produce samples for further examination.

Our Industrial Forensics Group provides investigation, identification, and other research, litigation, and expert witness services. 

Analytical Services

LTC can assist you with:


Analytical and industrial activities that span the entire continum of research, development, processing, packaging and distribution of stable and sensitive materials...

Product and Process Development

LTC possesses equipment necessary to:

Comminute, peel, dry, mix, macerate, mill, extract, distill, fractionate, analyze and otherwise prepare and package exploratory...

Forensic Expertise

When litigation is involved in cases, our team of expert scientists can help.

We provide professional expertise necessary to support/understand your case...


200 Centennial Avenue, Suite 140
Piscataway, NJ 08854   USA

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