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Process Services

Laboratory Process Services

Process Analysis, Feasibility, and Optimization can be demonstrated and characterized at a scale of milligrams to kilograms. LTC can prepare sufficient product for further evaluation by the client. A client can also test the economic constraints for expensive or high-risk systems before scaling up to hundreds of kilograms.

LTC maintains a variety of glass, plastic, and stainless steel equipment that can be utilized for the preparation of milligrams to kilograms(micropilot) to or from a kilogram to 100 kilograms/liters per batch (pilot). Natural products, specialty chemicals, and other well-characterized materials are passive. The materials produced can be provided by LTC in a variety of packages from glass ampoules, to vials and bottles, plastic and paper bags, pouches, and drums.

LTC can prepare and package client specialty materials that have been extensively characterized by our laboratory. These research material are used as references, calibrations, test market products, and for a variety of other applications and uses. Product developers and other researchers can request that we prepare these materials to support round robin and collaborative test studies. We cannot supply products for direct use by consumers.

Pilot Process Services

Supplier Qualifications
Process Control
Models & Simulations
Process Prototypes
Best of Test
Stability Evaluations
Panel Testing

Essential Oils
Fats, Oils, & Lipids
Formulated Materials

TC is set up to prepare and explore materials on the milligram (mg) to kilogram (kg) level. This usually represents the first scale-up from research to initial commercial quantities, and our analytical laboratory is experienced in guiding the development steps.


The materials we produce "to order" via micro-pilot production are for research or laboratory/engineering testing purposes only. They are not certified nor warranted in any way for fitness for any particular purpose, including but not limited to: sensory panel testing, ingestion, or any other food, pharmaceutical, or personal care application.


We can isolate, concentrate, separate, fractionate, solvate, characterize, and package materials, extracts, chemicals, crystalline forms; and otherwise treat research-grade substances.

We can use repetitive operations or directly scale-up, produce, cook, store, and characterize materials needed for examination of potential for further product development or process improvement.

We can adsorb, absorb, desorb, clarify, filter, extract, sediment, separate through membranes, and in other ways produce liquids and solids that can be suitably packaged and characterized.

Labile materials can be stored as low as -85 C.

LTC possesses the ability to thoroughly characterize these prepared materials via our on-site analytical laboratory.

We are also experienced in the examination of packaging for unstable or delicate materials. Please inquire.


Pilot Processing

Preparation/Synthesis/ Mixology

Pure and Purified Materials
Chemical Reactions
Production from milligrams to 100 kilograms per batch
Bench to 1 kg
Glass to 10 kg
Stainless to 100 kg

Process Engineering

Project Management
Product Development
Formula Optimization
Process Development
Short Run Sample Packaging
Oil Refining
Process Upsets and Variations
Freeze Drying

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