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Analytical Services  

LTC can assist you with analytical and industrial activities that span the entire continuum of research, development, processing, packaging and distribution of stable and sensitive materials and chemicals.

At LTC, we offer a wide range of Analytical Research Services. These services are optimized for the production of Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Specialty Chemical, and Packaging Production communities. 

The laboratories at Libra Technical Center can perform unique, well-developed methods on single or multiple samples - just once or for regular production support. Depending on the project or assignment, we adhere to compendial trade and published methods. On the other hand, we can be proactively involved in new methods development and creative exploration of new directions. 


We are widely known for our expertise in the analysis, uses, and processing of fats, oils, lipids, and oleochemicals as well as many other natural, organic , and fractionated entities. 

We offer:

  • Chemistry

  • Microbiology

  • Materials Science

  • Study Protocal

  • Recommendations

  • Sample Preparation

  • Sample Analysis

  • Data Interpretation

  • Method Development

  • GMP\USP Analysis

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