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Natural Products & Botanicals

Libra Technical Center (LTC) provides bench-scale research services as well as micro-pilot organic (NOP) materials processing and follow-through requiring multiple technologies. Separate areas are used for handling non-organic products and specialty processing.

Food and Beverage
Colors, Flavors, Textures

Formulary Ingredients
Soaps and Spritzers
Perfumes and Essences

Veterinary and Pet Care
Animal Feeds and Supplements
Insect Repellants

Fabric Dyes
Ironing Water
Insect and Pest Repellants

Intermediates and Fractionated Chemicals
Additives and Stabilizers
Foamers and Antifoamers
pH Adjusters/Diluents

Aromatherapy/Mood Adjustment
Insect and Pest Repellants

Personal Care
Mood Enhancement
Candles and Fresheners

Fertilizer Soil Conditioner


Fixed, Carrier, and Edible Oils
Stability and Composition
Color, Odor, Taste
pH, Physical Characterization

Surfactants/Wetting Agents/Emulsifiers

Blends with other natural/synthetic Materials

Investigatory Materials/Reference Standards

LTC laboratory services include chemistry, microbiology, physical, and botanical research supporting authentication of source and derived materials as well as substantiating claims. We determine actives and markers using GMP and research methods of analysis, and we gauge potency relative to specifications. LTC develops and adapts methods for product evaluation, comparison, and development. We perform inspections and studies for process development. We also offer product distribution trials including small-scale processing, packaging, and distribution.


LTC is alert to the changing requirements and definitions of FDA, USDA, EPA, NSF, ASTM, and other national and international regulatory and standards-setting agencies and associations. Our consulting research, processing, and analytical activities are advised by, but not limited to, the current regulatory climate which may shift again tomorrow.

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