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Libra Technical Center Senior Staff

Who's supplying you with expert technical services and top-notch customer service?
Here's a quick look at the backgrounds of a few key staff members:

Dr. Michael M. Blumenthal

Founder, Program Director, Forensic Specialist

· B.A., Chemistry (ACS Certification), Adelphi University (Biophysical Chemistry) 
· M.S., Food Science, Rutgers University (Flavor Chemistry) 
· M.Phil., Food Science, Rutgers University (Infrared Spectroscopy) 
· Ph.D., Food Science, Rutgers University (Fats and Oils Chemistry) (Grad. Minor in Packaging Technology) 
· Post-Graduate Studies--Engineering, Project Management, Business Development 
· Extensive Chemical Research & Industrial Food Processing Experience 

Dr. David L. Carrick

Director, Laboratories & Technical Services

· B.S., Chemistry
· Ph.D., Chemistry, Lehigh University

Trean (Korbelak) Blumenthal

Director, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

· B.A., Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania (French Minor) 
· M.S., Chemistry, St. Joseph’s University (Analytical Dissertation) 
· Post-Graduate Studies—Statistics, Chemistry, Management and Executive Development 
· Extensive Food & Pharmaceutical Experience 

Jerry R. Stockler

Senior Chemist - Research and Development Projects

· B.A., Chemistry (ACS Certification), Adelphi University (Instrumentation/Electronics) 
· Extensive Industrial Chemistry Experience in Formulation and Product & Process Development
· Laboratory Metrics and Process Instrumentation 

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